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Our Story

Curtis Pitts Deer Services was recently established in 2016.  Since then the business has grown organically from a small start up whilst Curtis was studying for his degree in Land Management at University.  Having finished his degree it is now a thriving and successful business.  Curtis has grown up with a passion and interest in the management of deer instilled through the generations from his grandfather to his father and has now taken the family tradition of managing deer to the next level.  Curtis not only manages deer on parkland and wild estates but also supplies his quality venison and game to local butcheries and restaurants in Devon.  His quality venison and game are available online.

Curtis has a thorough working knowledge of all things deer and his passionate approach to the sustainability and welfare of the animals he deals with and the environment are at the forefront of everything he does.


He has obtained the necessary industry regulated qualifications which include DSC1 Game and Meat hygiene, the NCASS food hygiene level 2 and is BASC insured.


Although still young Curtis has become highly respected in his field and has been a guest speaker at the British Deer Society, Dartmouth Food Festival and at local artisan venison evenings to name but a few.



As a company we offer a tailored range of deer services, from deer management plans and consultation work all the way through to culling and in-the-field management.


Wild and parkland venison and game sales make up a huge part of the business.

The Deer Larder


Our stand alone Fisher Deer and Game larder comes complete with a large state of the art processing room and chiller. The larder has been inspected and passed by the local environment agency and is annually inspected to make sure it’s maintained to our high standards.


Buy Wild Venison

We enjoy supplying all customers with our quality venison and game products.  These include the wholesale side to local butcheries and restaurants and our online shop for private customers.


We consistently work hard with our land owners to manage the deer to ensure a high quality end product.


Enjoy us at

Our quality venison and game can currently be enjoyed at a range of hand picked local butcheries, pubs and restaurants.  


You will find them positioned across the beautiful Devon countryside - from our coastal towns to our stunning moorland villages.



Celebrating Great British Game Week

We are proud to be working Taste of Game and some of the very best chefs in the business. Click below for a showcase of the best recipes to inspire and ignite your culinary potential.



Langlands Farm, Devon

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