Professional Parkland & Wild Deer Management 

for estates and land owners, big and small. 



All of our services are tailored to your specific needs and include:

  • Advice and Knowledge on herd management and cull plans 

  • Environmental deer impact surveys and thermal censusing

  • Improving an income stream from deer

  • Land management issues including damage caused by the over population of deer

  • Agricultural Crop protection

Our professional approach has gained us a reputation for delivering results for land owners.


If you have a deer management requirement or concern not listed above or you would like to improve the income from your wild or park deer please contact us for a consultation.


Quality Wild Venison & Game

available in local butcheries, restaurants and online


  • All of our venison and game is processed to match the client's exact requirements in our temperature controlled cutting plant 

  • From the culling in the field through to the end product we ensure all food hygiene and handling regulations are met  

  • Using temperature controlled delivery vehicles we maintain the cold chain from the chiller to the customer ensuring our product reaches you in first class condition


We have extensive experience of supplying retailers and professional kitchens and understand the level of service and quality required. Consistency is everything to us and we pride ourselves in not only producing the best venison and game, but also combining it with a level of service that sets us apart.


Our high level of service means we can provide you with it's provenance and the specific detail about its breed. This traceability gives menu and marketing options that can tell the story of our venison and give that nostalgic taste of Devon of which we are so proud.


All of our Deer Consultancy Services are tailored to your personal needs.

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