Our wild Venison carcass that we harvest from the fields and woods of Devon are avalible to purchase as the entire Carcass full butchered into the customers requirements. 

On the order of your whole butchered carcass please add in your notes what cuts you would like from your carcass. Please note that the carcass weigh you choose is the carcass dead weight(in fur) in our larder, we shall then select the carcass for you and butcher it to your request, most vension carcass bone out (meat without bone) 50-55% so this is the amount of bonless product you would expect, this will ofcourse vairy if you order joints on the bone. 

Any questions please ask. 



Roe Deer Carcass 15kg 

Small Fallow Deer Carcass 25kg

Large Fallow Deer Carcass 30kg

Whole butchered Wild Venison Carcass


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